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    Are you looking for a novel way to entertain your clients or reward your staff? A hovercraft experience is a unique activity that will be a day to remember and leave a lasting impression.


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Hovercraft Party Session

Our Party package requires that you are on site for about an hour and a half.

It is land based on part of the former Hovercraft Club Of Great Britain race track at Sharnford .

All participants need to be over 12 years old.

Your group size is restricted to a maximum of 7 people with a hovercraft, instructor and training circuit. More than seven people and we can split into two groups.

You will be issued with suitable safety equipment. Please wear trainers or similar and outdoor clothes.

Your instructor will hold a current Hovercraft Club of Great Britain hovercraft licence and be an experienced hovercraft racing driver.

You will be taught how to control the hovercraft at walking speed before progressing to faster challenges. Each person in the group will take turns flying each successive level. With easy steps you will soon be driving the craft with increasing confidence when you perform the equivalent of a handbrake turn in the training area. When your instructor considers you competent enough you can do laps of the training circuit at the speed of your choice. (You are operating the throttle)

Please contact us for availability and prices?

You and your friends will have a memorable day at our Hovercraft Circuit.

Spectators are welcome to watch the fun from the viewing area and bring a picnic.






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